Destination: Defcon CTF Quals 2012 - GrabBag 300
Your tour guide: fLa [fangAflaggaN]

When you connect to the server and supply the password you are presented with 4 blocks
of 6*6 numbers together with a PIN code...except the last one.
Each block is grouped in 3*3 matrixes with colors red,blue,green,yellow.

Looking into a couple of rounds of these matrixes you find a pattern, the PIN code is
the numbers on the same position in each color matrix. Same pattern is then the answer
in the fouth question block.

I wrote a Python script to read in the data, it then finds the position that yields
the correct pin number in each block. The same position is used to get the correct PIN
code in the for the fourth block, and submit it.
This has to be done 4 times before you reach the NOVABANK ATM menu:

 ***NOVABANK ATM menu***

 Balance: $9238740982570237012935.32

 1) withdraw
 2) deposit
 3) transfer
 4) exit


The balance is the key.

That was a blast!